Collection: Five Units

As a Scandinavian fashion brand specialized in women’s trousers, they challenge what fashion is usually about: new trends, new looks, new you. They are continually striving to make it easier being you in an everyday life full of choices by making fashion fit for the future and design trousers with quality, longevity and re-use in mind.⁠

Our Essentials are bestsellers which have proven their worth - wash after wash, day by day, across seasons, occasions and trends. Alongside with our seasonal collections, they become effortless styles to reach for in a long-lasting wardrobe.

As passionate trouser makers, they never get tired of designing, testing and adjusting each style, so you can rely on your Five Units to fit you perfectly. It might sound easy, but to tell the truth, trousers and jeans are among the most challenging pieces of clothing to create. A challenge which has been their drive since Five Units was founded in 2008 and still excites and moves them every day.