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Vinka Waist Belt

Vinka Waist Belt

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The Vinka Waist Belt is perfect for accentuating the waist line. With an elasticated fit for comfort, this belt can be worn with the leather bar fastenings at the back or the front for textural interest and can be worn over a relaxed dress to enhance the silhouette.

  • A wide belt that accentuates the waist line
  • Designed to be worn with the fastenings at the front or back
  • Elasticated fit for comfort

100% Polyester Elastic

Care instruction: To maintain the beauty of your ELK belt we recommend protective sprays and using a good quality leather conditioner to treat the product, which will increase its longevity. Do not put leather pieces on the ground or rub against abrasive surfaces. Leather is a natural material and will wear with age and use. The dye in the leather can sometimes rub off so please be aware of this when wearing light clothing or placing the leather item on light surfaces.

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