You are about to meet a leading firm in the design and manufacture of Spanish footwear. YOKONO combines experience and youth in a new concept that easily adapts to the changing times we live in.

      Yokono is a firm that has been producing footwear since 1981 and has been a leader in the manufacture of bio-type models since then.

      Starting in 2011, the firm faces a change of concept and begins to work and intensify its efforts on design and brand issues; an internal revolution that has given a boost that has allowed it to position itself in the national and international market, being present in more than 35 countries.

      Trends are advancing at an increasingly rapid rate and Yokono is doing so with them. The firm is a reference in design and innovation within the sector.

      Yokono footwear represents a way of adapting to society for its customers. Quality and trend go hand in hand in a product designed as a second skin for all its users. Ideal for day to day and for the most personal moments of active people with a philosophy of urban life in which quality is one of the main concerns.

      Yokono, in addition to being a committed brand with its workers and customers, is also with the society that surrounds it. The firm works different actions aimed at supporting entities that work for a better society. A work philosophy in which Yokono is always open to new proposals and collaborations.