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Collection: Zay

The story of ZAY began in the hot historic city of Mandalay. ZAY's name derives from the Myanmar word for "market". The local markets are central to life in Myanmar, full of colour and where most people take their Zay Khin (market baskets) to fill with tropical fruits and flowers. The brand is inspired by this city, known to locals as, "market city," as every family seems to have a small shop perched in front of their house.

The work is a huge part of our lives so we want to create a wonderful business that makes other people happy to be a part of this. At the centre are the weavers. Zay supports the weavers (mostly women) to be able to work from their homes with sustainable incomes. Also 5% of all profits will be given directly to the weavers. Every bag you buy will take Zay one step closer to being able to increase this amount to 10%.

Zay is just getting started in supporting women in Myanmar. Ma Thida is one of the first female rickshaw owners on the streets of Mandalay. Zay provided the funding, plus the driving and map reading training to make this happen. Zay is also involved with a group of over 30 vulnerable girls, mostly from Northern Shan, that are living in a Mandalay monastery because of poverty and/or safety from conflict. Zay supports them by paying for regular doctor's visits and all medicines required.